Japanese Taiko Drummers

Since they were founded in 2004, Japan Taiko Drummers has become a strong force in the world of Wadaiko (Taiko Drumming) both in Japan and internationally.  While incorporating arrangements of traditional Taiko pieces into their performance, they have created an all new style of Taiko, where speed and power meet eloquent movements of dance and the circular fluidity of the Chinese martial arts and aikido.
The groups new style of Taiko music also brings rhythm styles from other cultures around the world including Tam Tam and Samulnori.  Since the groups inception, they tour three to four times a year in Asia, the U.S., various countries in Europe, Australia, and India, as well as making regular appearances at some of the top Taiko performances all over Japan.  The drummers has performed as the main attraction in many events, including: Hamanako Hanahaku All-Japan Expo and the Taipei City 120th Anniversary World Music Festival.
The group is led by Art Lee who is considered to be one of the leading Taiko artists of his generation.  Art Lee received international acclaim for becoming the first non-Japanese to win First Place in the Solo Odaiko section of The Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest - the most prestigious and renowned Taiko contest in the world.

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