Aquascript Media

Powerful, captivating and mesmerising, this is an innovative technology that transforms water into a high-impact communication vehicle. Aquascript breaks through traditional boundaries of contemporary information transfer and offers a completely new multi sensory media dimension integrated into a water feature. Text, logos and images are displayed in the form of cascading water droplets that are generated by hundreds of programmable solenoid valves, creating a mesmerising sensory impact and delivering a stimulating consumer experience.

This versatile product can be scaled to suit the dimensions of any venue; it can be manufactured to any length and nearly all shapes, and is easily and quickly installed. A Linux operating system ensures maximum connectivity to other systems and data sources; new content can be easily uploaded using standard software, and controlled through a web interface using a standard web browser.Effective in both indoor and outdoor venues this dynamic information waterfall system creates a stunning feature at any event and a unique way to communicate your message.

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