Beat Box Trio

The trio consists of three uniquely talented musicians, Sholto, Steve and Phil, who perform a huge array of covers cleverly mixing in and out of tracks in a high-octane performance using only 3 microphones. Renowned for their energetic/animated stage presence, combined with jaw dropping talent.

Beatbox Trio deliver one of the most exciting, mind blowing live performances around, covering such tracks as Daft Punk's - 'Get Lucky', Robin Thicke's - 'Blurred Lines' and Jason Derulo's - 'Talk Dirty' to Beatbox perfection.

The art of Beatboxing is considered by many to be an extraordinary skill. If that is the case then this trio are Beatbox extraordinaire's. With over a decade of Beatbox experience and individual success, each member had long mastered the art of creating multiple sounds of percussion, bass lines, effects and vocals all at the same time using only one mouth!

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