Fire and Pyrotechnic Show

Australia's premiere fire performance & pyrotechnic theatre production company offer state of the art performances which incorporate the ancient tribal art of fire dance with modern technology. They create a dynamic fusion, which has to be seen to be believed.

They deliver cutting edge acts that combine special effects with artistic stage decoration, intelligent lighting, interactive multimedia & stunning pyrotechnics. Performers for hire include Fire twirlers, Fire Performance, breathers and eaters, circus acts, aerialists, dancers, stilt walkers and spectacular explosive stage productions!

The group have been performing around Australia for the past 8 years captivating audiences with the ancient art of fire dance, delivering its high standard of performances with passion and dynamic energy. Originating from Cairns, Their performances have taken them all around the country & internationally.

Captivate audiences at your event with the impact & beauty of professional fire dance, then send them into a frenzied applause with a spectacular pyrotechnic show!

What they offer

We offer an assortment of professional fire performances such as fire twirlers for hire, meet and greet fire dancers, fire breathers and fire eaters. Choreographed stage shows ranging from high impact solo acts, dynamic duets, stunning troupe shows and spectacular stage productions which incorporate a lot more than just fire! With a large choice of themes available to cater for any event.

They also offer a range of indoor/ stage pyrotechnics and special FX for Television, movies or theatre. They work very closely with Australia’s leading fireworks companies to create large scale spectacular fireworks displays!

Where they are different from any other company in Australia is the fact that they specialise in large scale spectacular productions. Their big shows are one of a kind and are best suited for big festivals, high class corporate events or as a touring show.

Their productions are not just fire and pyrotechnics, they are feature shows which are presented more like a theatre or cirque style performance. Which incorporate special fx, multimedia, lasers, lighting, live projections/visuals and elaborate stage decoration.

Spectacular Pyrotechnic Show
An elaborate show that is perfect for high-class corporate events and festivals. This show starts off with a slow mesmerizing feel progressing into an epic display of fire and pyrotechnics. Incorporating high impact choreographed fire dancing, with theatre elements and fire costumes, intricate stage decor, multimedia, lasers, lighting and visual projections.

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