Flair Mixologists Singapore

This team of Mixologists were incorporated in Singapore in early 2007 & specialize on giving your Bar & Beverage establishments the cutting edge it needs to succeed in today's competitive hospitality industry.  Consisting a team of professional trainers/beverage managers that have previously worked in established restaurants & clubs locally & globally and have travelled abroad to Europe & the Middle East for the services in club bar & beverage consulting.

The team provide both professional flair bartending and cocktail mixologists.

FLAIR Mixologist
The easiest way to some up a Flair Mixologist is to picture Tom Cruise in the film "Cocktail".

A Flair Mixologist is the 'show-off', the extrovert cocktail bartender; the one that twirls, whizzes, throws and catches bottles in between making cocktails. You've seen them. They are the 'flash Harry's' of the industry. Entertaining, amusing, fun and exciting to watch. They are professional and VERY skilled at what they do. It doesn't take hours of practice - it takes YEARS of practice to be good.

COCKTAIL Mixologist
A true Professional. A bartender that KNOWS how to make spectacular cocktails. NOT every bartender (in a pub or restaurant) can make cocktails or knows what drinks can be mixed together to make a mind-blowing fantastic cocktail. Ask a barman in a pub to make you a cocktail. - see what you get. You'll more than likely get a 'passble' cocktail but not a GREAT cocktail leaving you wanting more!

A Cocktail Mixologist has a 'feeling', a sensitivity and the knowledge of what works-with-what and exactly how much of each ingredient to mix. Only practice and an affinity with Cocktails can produce a first-rate Cocktail Mixologist.

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