Glitter and Speed Painter Michael

Speed & Glitter Painter Michaël is much more than a painter: he is also a creator of spectacle. He designs his performances by blending several artistic disciplines : drawing, photography, stagecraft etc. At the heart of all his shows one thing is constant: interaction with the audience.

Michael’s trademark show is Live Gluing – a creation which has been broadcast throughout the world. Live Gluing is a concept based on surprise and wonder. For several minutes, Michael “paints” on a canvas with transparent glue. He does this instinctively and almost blindly and then at the last moment sprinkles glitter, revealing the picture and making it shine forth as a luminous image.

Spotted by show-business head hunters, success has come to him very quickly and Michael has enjoyed international media exposure. TV appearances in numerous countries have let him make his name. He has frequently performed in the art world and at the service of major brands. His Live Gluing show allows infinite adaptations : it can stand as a show in its own right, and in this case Michael gives free range to his imagination. But the show can also provide an effective means to unveil a logo, pay homage to a personality and so on.

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