Justin Dominic Mission

Justin Dominic Misson, a renowned emcee and accomplished event producer in this events industry. Justin has over 20 Years of experience hosting and producing corporate events of all nature & stature both in Singapore and internationally. Justin’s creditials of gigs / events have brought him as far away as Zurich, Miami, Barcelona, Japan, Australia, New York, London, Philippines, Dubai, China, Bangkok, Korea, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.. A chameleon of a showhost who readily adapts to any nature of event from national events, conference, gala dinners, dinner & dance, motivational workshops, product launches, seminars and family day. Justin is known for his linguistic abilities, being able to converse in Mandarin, Malay & some dialects with a stong command of English. Find out more of Justin’s hidden talent…The perfect emcee for your events.

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