Laser Dance Show

This Laser Dance Show has enjoyed success in Australia and have worked in England, France, Korea, Portugal, Thailand, Greece, Hawaii, Turkey, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. They have provided shows for many major companies, government and private organisations and have been involved in five award winning events.  Their interactive multimedia performances utilise lighting, laser and video projection in combination with mirrored costuming, fabric and fibre optic technology.

They work with the world standard Pangolin Laser System, with the latest red, yellow and green solid state lasers giving them a state of the art, light and portable dual laser system with superb graphic and programming capabilities, great live control, even the ability to convert video footage into live laser animation - very cool!

Performance can be incorporated into laser graphic and video presentations, enhance reveals or simply provide exciting entertainment. Although performed mostly solo, shows can range in size up to sixteen performers. Adding the human element to a presentation using technology is not only visually spectacular but also progressive, an image all clients would wish to project.

Costuming and choreography can be designed to suit the event and have been developed for many themes including futuristic, aquatic, enchanted forest, Ancient Egyptian, Thai, French and Japanese.

This Laser Dance Show has also continued to produce laser displays and dance for large scale arena events such as the 50th Anniversary of Independence in Korea and the Opening Ceremony of the Arafura Games in Darwin. Other outdoor events include the 25th Birthday Celebration of Griffith University in Brisbane, the Lexus ES300 Launch utilising a water screen, and the launch of the Bayer Skysign which was the winner of the Special Events Week Award, and the opening of the Shangrila Hotel in Sydney.

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