Mexican Mariachi Band

This Mexican Mariachi Band brings you a delightful selection of Mexican traditional music with a contemporary touch. The group plays a diversity of Spanish musical styles from Mexican mariachi music, energetic cuban music, romantic mellow serenades, rumba catalan music of Gypsy Kings and popular dance music like salsa and the Columbian rhythms of Cumbia.
The group comprises of Zack He (pianica, cajon, harmonica, darbuka), Jacqueline Chia (trombone, percussion), Rupak George (guitar, voice) from India, Shitaima Nunutzi (guitar, jarana, voice, flute) from Mexico and Kang Atun (kendang, percussion) from Indonesia.
If you would like to hire a Mexican Mariachi Band performing romantic Mariachi Serenades, Mexican and Spanish music for your corporate event or party in Singapore, then this group is for you.

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