Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Show

This fun, interactive and high-quality Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre show is perfect for annual staff dinners, client dinners, or private parties.  A highly-interactive, hilarious drama is performed by professional actors while you enjoy dinner. The show is a murder mystery.  So as a part of the fun, guests must figure out who the killer is!

Havana Plot Summary
Set in Havana, Cuba in the late 1950’s.  You’ve been invited to the Coco Cabana Nightclub to celebrate the birthday of brash Texas oil tycoon, J.J. Prescott.  Suddenly in the middle of the party, Prescott is shot!  Everybody had a good reason for wanting the old man dead. Was it the demur Lady Prescott?  Could it have been suave nightclub owner Carlos Fernandez?  What about the unscrupulous General Sosa or the spicy Latin Diva Chi Chi Rodriguez?  Or was the murderer YOU?

This comedy dinner theatre show is highly interactive so come ready to drink, dine, dance, laugh and have a great night out.  And don’t forget to wear your fancy Cuban costume if you dare!

Shanghai Plot Summary
Set in the Roaring Twenties and featuring a comical cast of characters, their story takes place on a luxury cruise ship making its inaugural voyage from Shanghai to Hong Kong. The mood on board is jovial until the arrival of notorious underworld boss – Madame Chen.  Everyone on board has a reason to want her dead and so, you guessed it... she’s murdered!

There is a killer onboard the ship.  Was it mysterious socialite, Charming Wong? Could it have been flamboyant fashion designer, Gaylord McQueen? Rival Shanghai triad leader, Mr. FOK Sum-gai, is an obvious suspect. But could the killer be the upright Englishman, Captain Hawkins?  Or was the killer YOU?

Come dressed in your 1920s Shanghai costume and enjoy a great evening out.

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