Rishi Budhrani

One of the fastest rising comedians in the region today, this young man jumped on stage to challenge himself. The audience got addicted to him, and he got addicted to the laughs. An actor and corporate speaker by profession, Rishi has taken the country and region by storm in the past year.

In Oct 2012, Rishi became the first Singaporean to win the Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Competition, coming tops out of 30 international comics. This has secured him spots in some of the top comedy clubs in the USA like Gotham Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live and Acme Comedy Club in 2013. A Singaporean Indian who has lived in the US for a short while Rishi is able to tap the pulse of the local audience, as well as an international audience. His natural ease on stage from years of experience as a host and actor allow him to connect with an audience effortlessly.

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