Sand Artist Erika

Erika is a performance sand artist who has made a mark on world class stages with her unique brand of smooth flowing, silk-like sand painting accompanied by light-hearted yet enchanting singing. Erika is fascinated with the way imaginative images are formed and then immediately altered and destroyed using sand – an art form that is proactive yet appealing and stimulating to the human mind compared to more traditional static visuals.

She dedicates to each of her art creations and stage performance by thoroughly comprehending her clients’ visions and objectives; thereafter delivers to the audience an experience that’s soothing, moving and memorable by combining her unique visions of human mind, extraordinarily creative imagination and endless enthusiasm of exploring visual arts. Not to mention her elegant and strong presence on stage and gracious dance-like movements while painting further sets her apart as an all-rounded performing artist. She is ready to become an acclaimed sand artist sitting amongst the other great painters of our time.

As the very first and only sand artist of Cirque Du Soleil (ZARKANA, May 2011- Oct 2012), Erika is having unprecedented success by earning international audiences and critics’ overwhelming praises. She is continuously receiving invitations from event organisers worldwide to perform at events including the prestigious APEC CEO Summit (2009), Shanghai EXPO (2010), and International Olympic Conference (2012).

Erika has performed professionally at all international levels and gained due recognition in North America, Asia and Europe where the world’s best painters reside. Having performed for over 50 clients in around 20 countries, and collaborated with theatre, dance, circus, movie, music video, concerts, commercials, live musicians and so on; her audience included giant minds like Lee Hsien Loong (Prime Minister of Singapore), Hu Jingtao (former Chairman of China), Vladimir Putin (President of Russia), Bill Clinton (former President of the United States), Donald Trump (founder and CEO of the Trump Organization), Guy Laliberté (founder and CEO of Cirque du Soleil), Jacques Rogge (Chairman of International Olympic Committee); and a streching list of celebrity personals in the entertainment, sports,

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