Singapore Magician

Magician Alex based in Singapore, is regarded as one of the most sought-after Magical entertainers from Asia and presents a new breed of world-class Magical entertainment. Specializing not only in Magic and Illusions, Alex also entertains with clowning, ventriloquism, mind reading and the very rare and seldom seen, Sichuan Opera’s art of mask changing. Alex performs regularly at special events, celebrations and parties for royalties, celebrities, politicians and everyday people worldwide but primarily serves the Asia Pacific regions. Alex's corporate performances have been featured numerous times on TV and Newspapers and praised by many organizations.  In fact, Mediacorp TV produced and aired a 30-minute documentary on Alex’s Magic and Illusions in 2003 on Channel 8 and TV Mobile. In the year 2004, the documentary was broadcasted to many parts of Asia on Channel News Asia.

Alex’s children entertainment shows are also highly recommended by parenting magazines.  Countless children have laughed at Alex's quick wit and antics, and wondered at his bafflement. He is equally comfortable before an audience of hundreds or an audience of one, performing stage, parlour or close-up miracles worldwide.  Corporate audiences marvel at Alex’s smoothness as he produces live doves from thin air. People were mind-boggled as assistants get sawed in half, vanished and materialized by Alex’s polish wave of his hand.  Dinner guests are captivated by the fantastic feats performed tableside right under their very noses.

Alex can magically turn an ordinary event into a memorable occasion. His brand of Magical entertainment confounds audiences of adults and children alike who are fortunate enough to see him perform.

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