The Confectionaires

The Confectionaires bring their unique blend of close-vocal harmonies and ukulele arrangements to the Beijing scene. Consisting of Miss Lulu Galore, co-founder of Moonglow Burlesque dance troupe and front singer of jazz band Lulu Galore and Sweet Leaf, Miss Kate Smith, a New York-based singer transplanted to Beijing, and Miss Kamila Nasr, a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who has performed around the globe.

They draw inspiration from The Andrew Sisters to the Boswell Sisters, from swing to boogie woogie, from the Everly Brothers to the Beatles. Their repertoire consists of songs such as Rum and Coca Cola, Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree, Bie Mir Bist Du Shoen, oldies like Up A Lazy River etc.

You won't want to miss their charming and fresh sound, as they transport you back in time to the good ole' days.

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